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Now, more than ever, hospitals are under pressure to show competitive prices.

The HPS inpatient pricing database allows any hospital to compare their prices to their peers at an unparalleled level of accuracy.  Using our charge indexing methodology a hospital is able to understand its market position among all MS-DRGs and Clinical Service Groups.

Our standard Inpatient Pricing Report compares all reported hospital prices for up to 15 hospitals that are hand-selected by the client.

MS-DRG and Clinical Service Group prices are detailed by department breakouts, such as Radiology, Laboratory, Supply, Therapy, Pharmacy, etc.

Use the contact form below to ask for a full sample Inpatient Pricing Report. For consulting firms that use this pricing data on a regular basis, we might even run the first report for free... if you ask nicely.

Current reports are based off the very latest claims data.